Flicka McGurrin is both an artist and a business owner. She discovered her passion for art while in high school and has developed her talent and deepened her creative resource through formal art education, travel, life, and continually painting and sculpting.  Though she has worked with a variety of topics and mediums, Flicka frequently returns to painting and to ocean-related themes.

A sixth generation San Franciscan, Flicka owns and operates Pier 23 Cafe and Sweeties Art Bar, two venues that feature art and music along with food and drink.  She has exhibited widely throughout the Bay Area and also concentrates on supporting the art community in her North Beach neighborhood participating in the monthly North Beach First Fridays and the annual North Beach Art Walk. Flicka’s shows have featured her artistic explorations of Rothko in Japan; Miles Davis and jazz; rough water, swimmers, and even chairs.

Flicka’s work is often on display at Sweeties Art Bar and always online at www.flickamcgurrin.com. To contact Flicka, email her here.