Wet Dark Art IV

        Friday, April 24, 2015


 The Video - Wet Dark Art IV

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Wet Dark IV 2015 from flicka mcgurrin on Vimeo.







Scenes from WDA IV Performance



Wet Dark Updates


Our official email invitation can be found at this link.  It includes logistics on exactly where WDA IV is happening, a caution that this is an outdoor event so come prepared for your comfort. 

And as the saying goes in show business (sort of...), rain or shine, fog and/or wind our show must go on and will, so see you there this Friday, April 24th at Aquatic Park Cove at 8:30 p.m.


Discussion, Rehearsals and Test Swims

A look behind the scenes from last week's work( April 13- 17) on the creation of Wet Dark IV 



 Our Sky - Astronomical Twilight



Join us for Wet Dark IV in honor of Ai Wei Wei's installation on Alcatraz Island. We'll being with a drawing of Ai Wei Wei's symbol that will be illuminated with LED lights.  As twilight falls, the Wet Dark Art swimmers will begin forming a dragon shape and walk down the beach of Aquatic Park Cove, circling the Ai Wei Wei Symbol and then slipping into the cove to create art on the salty waters of San Francisco Bay. 

Only a swim away from Alcatraz Island.




Wet Dark Art IV is a drawing on water honoring the Chinese  artist Ai Wei Wei whose exhibit AiWeiWei @ large has been installed on Alcatraz  island in the middle of San Francisco Bay.


In the spirit of excitement, adventure and a fascination with many things Chinese, you are invited to a performance of 


Friday April 24 8:30 pm

Aquatic Park Cove, San Francisco, California



Ai Wei Wei has been an outspoken defender of human rights and a critic of the government practice of incarcerating political dissidents. His entire life has been colored by the consequences of political dissent fostered by his revolutionary era father, the poet Ai Qing.

Out of respect and with a nod to the artist’s undaunting courage fomented by the restrictive political climate of mainland China, Wet Dark Art IV chooses to use a drawing of a dragon on water at night. 

With lighted swimmers forming a dragon shape that morphs into the dark, cold abyss of the bay waters, the performance seeks to symbolize the power of the dragon as a metaphor for imperial authority and pay tribute to the artist Ai WeiWei, who seeks to subvert  this authority in the name of people power.

We thank Ai WeiWei for providing this reason to express our respect for his artistic exploration of political tyranny  by bringing to light the many imprisoned dissidents throughout our modern world.


Wet Dark Art II & III 2005

Oakand Estuary, Jack London Square - WDA III
San Francisco Bay, Pier 23 Cafe - WDA II 


The 2005 performances of Wet Dark Art were a part of the 2005 Bayennale Art Project, a two week arts event in San Francisco and Oakland, California.

The swimming performers form the number "60" in the waters off Jack London Square and Pier 23 Cafe to honor two significant events that occurred 60 years earlier:

  1. The birth of the United Nations in San Francisco
  2. The launch of the peace march of the atomic flame, ignited 60 years ago from the ruins of Hiroshima. A symbolic gesture by 15 Buddhist Japanese monks, the march begin in San Francisco and ended at the Trinity Test Site in Almamogordo, New Mexico with the extinguishing of the flame, an intention to inspire the end of nuclear weapons.



Wet Dark I


The first performance of Wet Dark Art was in 1995 and is an art form developed with the direction and inspiration of Flicka McGurrin. Swimmers dropped into the waters of Pier 23 Cafe to form the number of Flicka' birthday year.